The Dalmore Dominium 70cl

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The Dalmore Dominium

This blindsample is unusually mild and creamy, yet it is very complex and complex. The different flavors such as muff and moder play with nuts, dried berries and oranges. The alcohol is finally wonderfully integrated, although it shows up immediately on the first nosing dominant. Balanced and tasty, although this malt is very well balanced and mature, I would nonetheless be tapping on a young malt.
A great and delicious bottling, I like it very much.

  • Nose
    After panning, an oily streak has formed on the glass wall of my Premium Snifter from the long drops relatively quickly pull their tracks back into the glass. While the malt shines bright amber in the glass roasted aromas and dried berries rise up. The first Nosing tickles the alcohol immediately in the nose, a slightly musty modriges thumb comes to the fore. Hints of sulfur follow, abrasion of orange peel mixes with velvety vineyard peach. Dark caramel and nuances of milk chocolate dissolve from the dark fruit mixture. The caramel is sweeter, the musty muff pulls back and leaves the velvety peach full attention. Sugar beets and dates come to light, as well as floral notes. Subtle hazelnut aroma slowly stimulates salivation …
  • Taste
    Creamy and mild, the first sip flows over the tongue. Ground hazelnuts and almond are dusted with a pinch of cinnamon, the dried berries and grapes are mild and sweet. Once again, the abrasion of orange peel, this time in conjunction with citrus flavors. Mild grapefruit drips on spicy, slightly tart wood elements and dark roasted aromas mingle with biscuits and crumbs of butter biscuits. Tart walnuts show off their green and grassy side, the taste and aura blur together.
  • Finish
    A light prickle is on the tongue, tart and immature walnuts swim under the tongue. Dark and dried fruit flavors penetrate the palate and dress it with pleasant warmth. Slowly, musty and musty notes are brought to bear, a hint of pepper settles on the tongue and lets smaller pearls dance again.

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