Teacher’s Highland Cream

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Description: Teacher’s has been one of the world’s favorite and best recognized blended Scotch Whisky brands since it was first established in 1830. It contains an exceptionally high proportion of malt whisky which produces a smooth, complex product with great consistency.


Alcohol content % 40%
Bottle size 75cl&1L
Category Whisky
Country of origin Scotland 


Taste: Big, rounded, smooth. Full of crunchy maltiness. To drink this whisky is like biting into peanut brittle. Then toffee. Then liquorice flavours.


Teacher’s is the Blended containing higher proportion of single malts with a total of 45 types including brands such as Ardmore and Glendronach.

เป็นส่วนผสมที่มีมอลต์ผสมมากกว่า 45 ชนิดรวมถึงแบรนด์เช่น Ardmore และ Glendronach

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1L, 75cl