Metaxa 12 Star 70cl

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METAXA is rooted in the depths of a terroir unlike any other: that of Samos, a Greek island which lies in the Aegean Sea. At the very heart of METAXA’s exceptional smoothness is the prized Muscat wine of Samos. A jewel in the Aegean Sea, Samos spans 478 km2 boasting luxurious vegetation, as well as exceptional vineyards. The vineyards are divided into garden-sized plots, where grapes are tended and harvested by hand.
The grapes benefit from the perfect amount of sunshine, a mineral soil and low humidity, endowing the Muscat wines with generous aromas and concentrated flavours, placing them among the most aromatic wines in the world. Constantinos Raptis, the Metaxa Master Blender, carefully selects the noblest, most aromatic Muscat wines and sets them aside for his future blends.

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