Johnnie Walker Blue Label 200th Anniversary (Limited Edition Design) 1L

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ก้าวเข้าสู่ปีที่ 200 ของ Johnnie Walker กับ Blue label Limited Edition Design รุ่นพิเศษที่ถ่ายทอดประวัติศาสตร์อันยาวนานผ่านเมืองและประเทศต่างๆ ที่ล้วนเป็นส่วนสำคัญของความสำเร็จอันยิ่งใหญ่สู่แบรนด์อันดับหนึ่งของ Blended Scotch Whisky

Size 1L
ALC 40%

Johnnie Walker Blue Label 200th 

Anniversary Limited Edition Design


The new 200th Anniversary Limited Edition Design for the iconic Johnnie Walker Blue Label features bespoke illustrations that bring to life the bold journey and pay homage to some of the great cities and countries that have been part of the Johnnie Walker story. There are also incredible illustrations of geographical landmarks and cultural symbols which represent progress in our time in each of their respective countries.


“Each of these exclusive releases bring a fresh perspective to our 200th anniversary story and are the perfect way to celebrate this huge moment for Johnnie Walker. It feels very apt to be announcing them this week to coincide with John Walker’s birthday.”


A price and tasting notes haven’t been revealed for the fourth release, Johnnie Walker Blue Label 200 Anniversary Limited Edition Design. According to the distillery’s website, only one in 10,000 reserve casks feature the “remarkably rare, hand-picked single malt and grain whiskies” used in this exclusive blend.


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