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The Best Tasting

Being the top company of all shochu distillers for more than 30 years, iichiko shochu has been loved by many Japanese shochu lovers. They offer many kinds of iichiko brand shochu from the easy-to-get reasonable bottles to the high-end shochu bottled in flask looking containers! This post will list up all kinds of iichiko shochu and where you can give them a try.


Shochu is a Japanese distilled spirit beverage which contains about 25 to almost up to around 40% of alcohol. Not like sake, which is a brewed alcohol made from only rice, shochu is made from many kinds of ingredients such as Japanese sweet potatoes, barley, rice, and buckwheat.

Its unique taste with a medium level of alcohol volume usually around 25% has been loved by Japanese drunkards for decades!

Shochu is originally made in the Kyushu region, but nowadays it is produced in locations throughout Japan.

You can enjoy shochu just like whiskeys and any other kinds of spirit, for instance, on the rock, water split, soda split, and even make your own Japanese cocktails just by adding some Japanese teas! So many ways so EASY!

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