Camus Extra Dark & Intense 70cl

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Camus Extra Dark & Intense 70cl

urchased from Changi Airport. The price of this product is SGD630. This is a special edition of Camus Extra, produced in a unique process that sees selected barrels emptied of their precious Cognac and returned to the Master Cooper to be opened and toasted again, one by one, to boost their full aromatic potential. The Extra Cognac is then returned to these casks for a special finishing phase where the structure of the eaux-de-vie and the enhanced flavours of the cask merge together harmoniously.

Nose: Sturdy and powerful, offering crème brûlée, gingerbread and roasted macadamia nut aromas.

Palate: Intense, with creamy, buttery notes.

Finish: Robust and lingering, with subtly spicy dark chocolate notes.

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