Absolut Level Vodka 75cl

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Absolut Level has been created by the craftsmen of Absolut Vodka in Ahus, using two distillation processes. The proprietary technique of combining the continuous distillation invented by Absolut with a batch distillation gives Level its unique taste, smooth and distinctive character.
To elaborate Level, only the finest natural ingredients are chosen: winter wheat coming from the southern parts of Sweden and water coming from their own well in Ahus. No sugar or fabricated additives are added. In the distillation process all impurities are removed though continuous distillation and the taste is created by a unique batch created in pot stills.

Tasting notes:
Level is silky, smooth and fullbodied with a natural sweetness. It has a long, clean and smooth finish. It shows hints of fresh fruit, citrus and herbal spices making it perfect for cocktails. It has a clean finish, without any strong burning sensation or bad aftertaste. It enhances the flavour of the ingredients it is matched with.

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